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It is simple: families with a plan end up far better financially prepared than those who don’t plan. Life insurance should be a part of your plan.

Death is never easy to think about. This is one of the many excuses people give for not having an adequate plan in place. The reality that you and your family will one day learn is that one thing will make all the difference in the world: life insurance.

Author and financial planner Alfred Dingler has made his life’s work from helping individuals and families decide what is right for them. Dingler does not use imposing charts, graphs, and financial terms to try to convince you—Life Insurance to the Rescue contains thirty real-life stories that will be immediately applicable to any reader.

Whether you are an insurance agent, an insurance agency executive, or a consumer seeking to learn more about life insurance, Life Insurance to the Rescue offers insight into the most important asset you’ll ever own. Start planning for the future, today!